There are multiple specific issues to consider. One of them is that you need an attorney who knows and is experienced in the laws of both countries. In many Greek law matters, if not most Greek law matters, U.S residents will have to deal with United States law issues as well as Greek law issues. It can be costly or risky to have only one half % of a legal team of lawyers in such cases or a lawyer who does not understand the laws of the other country. As a U.S. resident, for example, you need to know where and when you can find and reach your lawyer in Greece and communicate with him, while you are in the U.S. (which is usually where you will be if you are working and living in the U.S). Our U.S. offices are always open (while we are working on your case in Greece) and you can reach us, see us in person or call us at anytime. While we are working your case in Greece, you can reach us both at our Greek offices and at our U.S. offices for updates.

Another reason to have an international law firm such as ours (with offices in both countries) is the issue of security. While we are experienced Greek lawyers, we are also U.S lawyers who are well known and established in the U.S. Our office has been established since 1965. Therefore, you know you are getting a well known and established U.S. law firm. We are regulated by both the Pennsylvania and New Jersey Supreme Courts pursuant to strict ethical rules and we are bonded and insured with U.S. malpractice insurance for your protection. There are multiple examples of Greek lawyers who come and go in and out of the U.S. and who may disappear having neglected or sold out your case.

Generally, there is nothing you can do when you retain a lawyer only in Greece who is licensed only in Greece if things go wrong. Generally, there is no malpractice insurance; they are not regulated by realistically enforced ethical rules, and have different views about updates and communications. We will keep you updated and informed in the U.S. so you do not have to waste time running around Greece, trying to call out or reach some distant lawyer in Greece or otherwise wasting your time. The hassle of finding and following up with a lawyer in Greece is removed by our firm. More importantly our deep experience in U.S.- Greek legal matters makes all the difference.

Very importantly, there is no substitute for having in your corner, lawyers licensed in both Greece and the U.S. You simply cannot just translate U.S. or Greek legal documents or requirements from one language to the next. You must translate the legal concepts and this requires attorney knowledgeable in both legal systems. The best proof of such knowledge is being actually licensed as an attorney in both countries- which only George S. Kounoupis and very few other attorneys in the world have done.

In the 25 years since we began our practice there have sprouted imitators and copycats. You can spot them when you compare our credentials to theirs. You can see they are trying to look like us by trying to be real U.S. Greek law firms - but they are usually an internet site ad and maybe an office somewhere in Greece. The question is: What U.S. lawyer independent or "peer" review organization has certified them as ethical and trustworthy?

However, no other U.S.-Greek law firm has been independently reviewed and verified to our extent for competence and integrity (see Martindale-Hubbell (AV Rating); Super Lawyers; American Bar Foundation; Litigation Counsel of America; Million Dollar Advocates; National Trial Lawyers Association; American Society of Legal Advocates; American Society of Comparative Law; Avvo, etc... and other independent U.S and international legal organizations that have independently reviewed us for competence and integrity. This is why Mr. Kounoupis has been identified, by the entire American Bar Association as the official representative of the U.S. lawyers to the Greek Attorneys Organizations.

In addition no other U.S - Greek law firm has been recognized by the American Bar Association, International Law Section with the appointments and honors that we have, namely: Named the ABA Liaison to the Greek Bar; and George Kounoupis the founder of our firm has been named Co-Chair of the ABA's U.S Lawyers Practicing Abroad Committee. Mr. Kounoupis and the lawyers of our firm are the authors of the Bureau of National Affairs Section on Greek Labor, Employment and Non-Compete law; authors of Kluwer Publications on Greek Company Law; and the authors of the Lexis Greek Tax Law Guide; as well as frequently authors on Greek law in some of the leading U.S and international periodicals. Mr. Kounoupis is also nominated to Best Lawyers in America; and named in European Focus and Corporate Counsel in 2013, as one of the "Top International Lawyers".

Mr. Kounoupis is proud to be a Greek lawyer (in addition to a U.S lawyer) and is proud of his exceptional Greek legal partners and associates, Mr. Kounoupis, however, states that there are deep, cultural and educational differences in how Greek lawyers approach a case and how experienced U.S. international lawyers approach a case.

With Greek lawyers, there will be often a troubling failure to communicate on a regular basis, give updates, establish clear fees, and also receive practical advice encompassing both countries laws and dangers. Recognizing these difficulties, Mr. Kounoupis founded the Greek law group, over 25 years ago, to provide the perfect blend of experienced U.S and Greek representation at the same time. Wearing two hats (one of a Greek lawyer and a U.S lawyer concurrently), Mr. Kounoupis often sits at the head of a conference table with the U.S legal team on one side and the Greek legal team on the other side, and engages them both in deep discussion and analysis to find the best way to practically, thoroughly and economically deal with mixed U.S - Greek legal matter/ including inheritances, real estate, business, taxation or family law issues.

After seeing a quarter-century of our law firms success, certain Greek-based lawyers now try to "become" the same by allergies that they are "affiliated" with U.S. lawyers. This is not close to being the same. They are not established U.S. law firms.

Anybody can say anything they want on the internet. Outside, peer-based evaluations, independent recognitions and Bar honors (as well as the unique perspective of being a lawyer in both countries for over 25 years) speak for themselves.