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We Have a Reputation to Uphold

Over the course of more than 25 years, George S. Kounoupis and the team of experienced attorneys at Hahalis & Kounoupis, P.C. - Greek Law Group have handled thousands of cases for Greek Americans nationwide.

We have earned a reputation for excellence not only by helping individuals with U.S.-Greece legal matters of all types, but by addressing these matters for the legal community as a whole. Our peers have learned from our attorneys' frequent lectures, have drawn education from the wide variety of publications our attorneys have authored for the American Bar Association, and some have even been personally mentored and trained by our attorneys on the nuances of international legal matters involving the United States and Greece.

Greek Americans nationwide have the unique opportunity to turn to the law firm that set the standard for the practice of U.S.-Greece international law: our law firm.

Beyond our knowledge, beyond our ability to resolve complex legal matters that involve aspects of both United States law and Greek law, what makes our law firm stand out is the amount of attention we pay to each case.

You may have very little insight into your rights and responsibilities. We believe it is important to make certain you understand all of your rights, as well as everything you may be held responsible for. Ultimately, we want to make certain that you are provided a true resolution, so you can confidently walk away knowing that you have done everything you were required to do and have gotten everything you are entitled to.

As part of our service, we maintain frequent and consistent communication with the people we represent. We have a real presence in both countries, with real offices in the U.S. This is extremely important, since we represent people from all corners of the country. You will never feel like your case has been overlooked or put on the back burner. Your case will get the attention it deserves. We will stake our reputation on it.

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