U.S.-Greece Real Estate Tax Lawyers

Tax Issues Cannot Be Overlooked

One of the most critical reasons why Greek Americans should choose a lawyer licensed to practice in Greece and the United States is because their legal matters often involve tax issues in both countries. Overlooking American or Greek tax issues can lead to serious repercussions, which could haunt you for years to come, but that is exactly what could happen if you choose a lawyer with knowledge of only one country's tax laws.

When you choose Hahalis & Kounoupis, P.C. - Greek Law Group, you will not have to worry about cleaning up messes. We are the only law firm licensed to practice in Greece and the United States, with a presence in both countries. We bring more than 25 years of experience to Greek Americans nationwide.

Real Estate Taxes

Did you inherit real estate in Greece? Are you purchasing or selling real estate in Greece? We are familiar with all relevant real estate taxes, including the Greek real estate transfer tax, the Greek value-added tax (VAT) and the new annual Greek real estate tax. We are also familiar with all United States-based taxes you may be responsible for as well. For example, if you receive rentals in Greece, there are several U.S. tax filings required.

Inheritance Taxes

We are well versed in all Greek inheritance taxes, as well as Greek taxation on gifts, including parental gifts. If you inherited real estate, there may also be real-estate specific taxes that need to be addressed. You may be accountable for Greek and U.S.-based taxes. If you have both U.S. and Greek assets, very careful accounting and coordination of both country probate and tax filing is crucial.

Income Taxes

If you sell property or rent property in Greece, income taxes may have to be addressed in Greece and the United States. We have the experience necessary to make certain these tax concerns are not overlooked.

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