Power of Attorney for U.S.-Greece Legal Matters

Do Not Let This Power Fall Into the Wrong Hands

Due to Greek law requirements, as well as for convenience and efficiency, it is almost always a must to grant “pliroxousio” or Greek Power of Attorney to the attorney you choose to handle your U.S.-Greece legal matters. Before doing so, it is important to understand how powerful this instrument truly is. Whoever you grant power of attorney is able to engage in transactions and make agreements that you will be bound to. You must be able to absolutely and without any question trust that your attorney will do what is right for you.

What You Need to Know Before Granting Power of Attorney

Lawyers licensed in the United States are regulated by the American Bar Association and by the Supreme Courts of the States in which they practice. They are subject to written and enforced ethical rules and legal malpractice lawsuits if they commit any wrongdoing or make critical errors. In Greece, there are almost no true legal malpractice lawsuits. Oversight of Greek lawyers is lax, which has led to many Greek lawyers taking advantage of clients.

Greek lawyers may not account for their fees. They may hold files ransom until additional fees are paid. They may require a release to turn over files. They may even negotiate with adverse parties in clear conflicts of interest that work against their clients. All of this would be a serious violation of ethical rules to which U.S. law firms are bound.

When you grant power of attorney, you want to make certain it is to a lawyer also established in the United States and licensed in Greece and the United States, not only because of the more stringent regulation of U.S. lawyers, but because your case may require legal work in both Greece and the U.S.

The choice has been clear to Greek Americans nationwide for more than 25 years: Hahalis & Kounoupis, P.C. - Greek Law Group. We are the only law firm licensed to practice in Greece and the United States, with a real presence in both countries.

You can trust us to grant us Greek power of attorney in order to handle wills and estate planning; acceptance of inheritance in Greece; and estate administration, property management, real estate and more. You can be confident that we will do what is right for you.

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