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Comprehensive Family Law Representation

At Hahalis & Kounoupis, P.C. - Greek Law Group, we handle family law matters of all types for Greek Americans nationwide. These are personal issues that require a personal touch. We can provide it while also navigating legal issues in two distant points on the globe. When you choose our attorneys to handle your case, you can be confident you are in good hands.

Divorce for Greek Americans

While no divorce can truly be described as simple, for those having both U.S. and Greek assets, the process can be especially complex. Perhaps one spouse is a U.S. citizen and the other is a Greek citizen. Perhaps one spouse resides in the United States and the other in Greece – or both are dual citizens and reside in both countries.

From a property division perspective, you or your spouse may have assets in both countries that need to be dealt with. Those assets may have been inherited, bought separately or gifted, which might mean they are characterized differently than other assets. What law applies to these assets depends on a complex set of factors. Our firm has been retained in countless U.S.-Greek divorces, including to assess Greek law claims, to value Greek assets and to protect both U.S. and Greek assets from a greedy spouse.

When children are involved, matters can become even more complicated. How will child custody arrangements look with an ocean between parents? What happens when one spouse takes a child from the U.S. to Greece, or vice versa, without the other's permission? We have been involved in complex U.S.-Greek custody proceedings and have litigated to bring children back to the United State when wrongfully taken to Greece etc...

No matter what challenge you face, by having a law firm with more than 25 years of experience on your side, a law firm licensed to practice in Greece and the United States, with a presence in both countries, you can be certain that the challenge can be overcome.

Other Family Law Matters for Greek Americans

In addition to divorce, our lawyers can assist with:

  • Modification and enforcement of existing child custody and child support arrangements
  • Paternity actions and children born out of wedlock
  • Prenuptial agreements
  • Enforcement of U.S. Orders and Judgments in Greece in family law matters

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