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Business law is no simple matter. We are very experienced in U.S.-Greek business law, having worked on major complex matters including representing public companies and being involved in stock and securities filing and litigation. As authors of the definitive U.S. lawyer publications on Greek business, corporate, labor and tax laws, we are the recognized premier U.S.-Greek business law firm. Hahalis & Kounoupis, P.C. - Greek Law Group is the only law firm licensed to practice in Greece and the United States, with a presence in both countries. This important detail, together with the fact that we have more than 25 years of experience, means we have the knowledge and ability to handle all legal issues faced by business owners in the U.S. and Greece.

Our attorneys provide representation through all stages of the life of a business. If you are thinking of starting a business, we can assist with the establishment of a business entity, including a U.S. parent, a Greek subsidiary or branch or a related or affiliated European company. With regard to U.S.-Greek matters, we are fully familiar with all laws and regulations of the European Union. Perhaps you have inherited a business in Greece. We can help you address all of the legal issues necessary to take full ownership and steer the business forward. Perhaps you own a chain of businesses in Greece that you would like to expand to the U.S. We can help as well.

We provide general guidance to business owners, handling everything from employment issues and the creation of company policies to the purchase or sale of business assets. We draft, review and negotiate contracts of all types. We can help with all tax issues. If your business becomes entangled in a dispute, we can resolve the matter through business litigation. We are counted amongst the top U.S.-Greek litigators in the world.

We can assist also business owners with the dissolution of a U.S.-Greek or international business, guiding them toward the best way to close their doors and move on to their next venture.

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